spare lietuviškai

spare vertimas 1. v 1) taupyti; saugoti; apsieiti be ko nors; 2) skirti (laiką, pinigus, dėmesį); I have no time to spar today šiandien aš neturiu laisvo laiko; spar me pasigailėkite manęs; if I am spard jeigu man lemta dar gyventi; 2. a 1) atsarginis, rezervinis; laisvas, atliekamas; spar parts atsarginės dalys; 2) negausus, kuklus; 3. n 1) atsarga, rezervas; 2) atsarginė (mašinos) dalis; 3) sport. atsarginis žaidėjas

  • spare parts () atsarginė dalis
  • spare part (n.) atsarginė dalis
  • spare wheel (n.) atsarginis ratas
  • spare time (n.) laisvalaikis, poilsio metas
  • spare-time activity (n.) hobis, pomėgis
  • spare rib () kauliukas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (component) an extra component of a machine or other apparatus
  • (car wheel) an extra car wheel and tire for a 4-wheel vehicle
  • (score) a score in tenpins; knocking down all 10 after rolling 2 balls Type of: score
  • (refrain) to refrain from harming
  • (exempt) to save or relieve from an experience or action Type of: exempt
  • (give) to give up what isn't strictly needed
  • (use) to use frugally or carefully Type of: use
  • (thin) thin and fit
  • (excess) more than is needed, desired, or required
  • (unoccupied) not taken up by scheduled activities
  • (kept, reserve, especially) kept in reserve, especially for emergency use Similar to: unnecessary
  • (meagerly) lacking in amplitude or quantity
  • (unadorned) lacking embellishment or ornamentation

spare sinonimai book, reserve, bare, excess, exiguous, extra, free, plain, poor, redundant, scanty, simple, sober, sparse, supererogatory, superfluous, supernumerary, surplus, trim, unembellished, unornamented, waste, fifth wheel, spare wheel, spare tire, spare tyre, spare part, spare parts, dispense with, do without, go easy on, go without, refrain from, save, treat carefully, dispense with, give up, go easy on, handle carefully, part with, save, treat carefully, treat tactfully

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