barring lietuviškai

barring vertimas prp išskyrus

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (ejection) the act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto
  • (forbid) to prevent from entering; to keep out
  • (obstruct) to render unsuitable for passage
  • (expel) to expel, as if by official decree
  • (fasten) to secure with, or as if with, bars Type of: fasten

BAR sinonimai Browning automatic rifle

Bar sinonimai advocacy

bar sinonimai barrier, check, counter, encumbrance, hinder, hinderance, hindrance, hitch, impediment, incumbrance, inhibit, interfere, interference, keep, obstacle, prevent, preventative, preventive, advocacy, advocates, attorneys, ban, band, barrage, barricade, barrier, bench, blockade, bolt, buffet, cake, counter, court, court of justice, court of law, crossbar, crossbeam, crosspiece, deterrent, hasp, ingot, interdict, judicature, latch, law court, ledger, legal community, legal profession, length, line, lounge, measure, obstruction, pole, preclusion, prejudice, prepossession, prevention, prohibition, proscription, pub, public house, ribbon, rod, saloon, sandbank, sandbar, shaft, shoal, shred, slip, strap, streak, strip, stripe, tablet, tape, tavern, time, trave, traverse, traverse beam, tribunal, width, meter, metre, barroom, cafe, cafeteria, coffee bar, coffeehouse, coffee house, coffee-shop, espresso bar, saloon, taproom, coffee shop, ginmill, pub, apart from, barring, but, except, excepted, except for, excepting, exclusive, aside from, save, saving, abate, banish, bar from, bar out, barricade, block, blockade, block off, block up, close up, debar, exclude, impede, jam, keep off, keep out, leave out, lock, lock out, obstruct, obturate, occlude, preclude, prevent, push aside, push away, relegate, shove aside, shove away, shut, shut out, stop

barring sinonimai blackball, apart from, bar, but, except, except for, excepting, exclusive, aside from, save, saving

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