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vote vertimas 1. n 1) balsavimas; 2) (papr. the vot)balsavimo teisė; balsai; 3) rinkiminis biuletenis;2. v 1) balsuoti (for,against);2) pripažinti; to vot down atmesti (pasiūlymą) balsuojant; to vot in išrinkti dauguma balsų

  • proxy vote (n.) balsavimas pagal įgaliojimą
  • right to vote (n.) balsavimas, balsavimo teisė, rinkimų, rinkimų/balsavimo teisė
  • right to vote (n.) balsavimo teisė
  • vote of confidence (n.) pasitikėjimo votumas
  • roll-call vote (n.) vardinis balsavimas
  • result of the vote (n.) balsavimo rezultatai
  • casting vote (n.) sprendžiamasis balsas
  • postal vote (n.) balsavimas paštu
  • vote down (v.) drausti, uždrausti, atmesti, nepripažinti
  • vote of thanks padėkos išreiškimas
  • adoption of a law by vote (n.) įstatymo priėmimas balsavimu
  • vote on a text as a whole (n.) balsavimas už visą tekstą
  • parliamentary vote (n.) parlamento balsavimas
  • vote by delegation (n.) balsavimas pagal pavedimą
  • vote out (v.) atmesti, nepripažinti
  • vote (n.) balsavimas, balsavimo teisė, rinkimų, rinkimų/balsavimo teisė
  • vote (n.) balsavimas
  • vote (v.) nubalsuoti, balsuoti
  • right to vote (n.) balsavimo teisė, rinkimų, rinkimų/balsavimo teisė
  • vote down (v.) drausti, uždrausti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (choice) a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative
  • (group action) the opinion of a group as determined by voting Type of: group action
  • (law) a legal right guaranteed by the 15th amendment to the US Constitution; guaranteed to women by the 19th amendment
  • (body) a body of voters who have the same interests Type of: body. Member of: electorate
  • (numerical quantity) the total number of voters who participated
  • (choose) to express one's preference for a candidate or for a measure or resolution; to cast a vote Type of: choose
  • (express, choice, preference) to express one's choice or preference by vote Type of: express
  • (veto) to express a choice or opinion Type of: express. Follows: veto
  • (be guided, voting) to be guided by in voting
  • (bring, existence, make) to bring into existence or make available by vote

vote sinonimai ballot, election, franchise, poll, referendum, right to vote, suffrage, voter turnout, ballot, balloting, label, sign, suffrage, ticket, voting, elect, go to the polls, carry, pass, ballot, cast one's vote, poll

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