staging lietuviškai

staging vertimas n 1) (pjesės) pastatymas; 2) pastoliai

  • stage-coach (n.) pašto karieta, diližanas
  • final stage (n.) pabaiga, galas
  • stage manager (n.) pastatymo vedėjas
  • stage technician (n.) scenos darbininkas
  • first stage of EMU (n.) pirmasis EPS etapas
  • stage direction (n.) scenos remarka
  • come on the stage (v.) pasirodyti
  • second stage of EMU (n.) antrasis EPS etapas
  • third stage of EMU (n.) trečiasis EPS etapas
  • stage-manage (v.) pastatyti
  • stage fright (n.) scenos baimė
  • stage play (n.) drama, pjesė
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (production) the production of a drama on the stage
  • (system) a system of scaffolds
  • (travelling) travel by stagecoach Type of: travelling
  • (discard) the getting rid of a stage of a multistage rocket Type of: discard
  • (performing arts) to perform (a play), especially on a stage
  • (initiate) to plan, organize, and carry out (an event)

staging sinonimai drama, performance, piece, presentation, production, scaffold, scaffolding, stage, theatrical production

stage sinonimai organise, organize, boards, catwalk, dais, degree, leg, level, location, locus, microscope stage, phase, platform, point, poste chaise, scene, set, setting, stagecoach, stage-coach, stage set, step, venue, locale, lap, leg, arrange, direct, perform, present, put on, represent, set on foot, stage-manage

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