bare lietuviškai

bare vertimas 1. a 1) nuogas, plikas; to lay bare atskleisti; parodyti; 2)perk. paprastas; nepadailintas; 3) nežymus; to be bare of credit a) turėti blogą reputaciją; b) būti nežinomam; 2 v apnuoginti

  • bare-backed (adv.) be balno
  • bare o.s. (v.) nurengti, nusirengti
  • bare-assed (adj.) nuogut nuogutėlis
  • on bare feet (adv.) basas
  • bare-ass (adj.) nuogut nuogutėlis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (uncover) to lay bare Type of: uncover
  • (tell) to make public
  • (remove) to lay bare
  • (unclothed) completely unclothed
  • (meagerly) lacking in amplitude or quantity
  • (unsheathed) not having a protective covering
  • (lacking, natural, customary) lacking its natural or customary covering Similar to: bald, naked, undraped, unroofed
  • (narrow) just barely adequate or within a lower limit
  • (simple) apart from anything else; without additions or modifications
  • (unpainted) lacking a surface finish such as paint
  • (inhospitable) providing no shelter or sustenance
  • (toom) having everything extraneous removed including contents
  • (unadorned) lacking embellishment or ornamentation

bare sinonimai au naturel, austere, bald, barren, basic, bleak, defoliate, defoliated, denudate, denuded, desolate, drawn, exposed, in his birthday suit, in the nude, marginal, mere, naked, nude, plain, scanty, simple, sober, spare, stark, stripped, the worse for wear, unembellished, unfinished, unornamented, unsheathed, well-worn, without vegetation, worn, worn out, worn-out, disinvest, divest, strip, undress, air, broadcast, denudate, denude, make public, publicize, publish, strip, publicise

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