simple lietuviškai

simple vertimas a paprastas, nesudėtingas; simpl equation mat. pirmojo laipsnio lygtis; simpl fraction mat.taisyklinga trupmena; simpl interest paprastieji nuošimčiai, procentai; simpl quantityvienaženklis skaičius; simpl sentence gram. vientisinis sakinys

  • pure and simple () ir nieko daugiau
  • simple machine (n.) mašina, aparatas
  • 8 Simple Rules 8 paprastos taisyklės
  • simple majority (n.) paprastoji dauguma
  • simple-mindedness (n.) kvailumas
  • simple-minded (adj.) kvailokas, ne itin protingas
  • Charles the Simple Karolis III Naivusis
  • Simple Plan
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP
  • Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP
  • Simple living Paprastas gyvenimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (herbaceous plant) any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties Type of: herbaceous plant
  • (person) a person lacking intelligence or common sense
  • (few parts) having few parts; not complex, complicated, or involved Similar to: simplex, simplistic, unanalyzable, uncomplicated. Described by: complexity
  • (easy) easy and not involved or complicated
  • (bare) apart from anything else; without additions or modifications
  • (naïve) exhibiting child-like simplicity and credulity
  • (retarded) lacking mental capacity and subtlety
  • (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
  • (not elaborate, elaborated) not elaborate or elaborated

simple sinonimai artless, asinine, bald, bare, brainless, candid, careless, childlike, clear, cushy, dense, dewy-eyed, dim-witted, dumb, easy, elementary, facile, familiar, foolish, gullible, homely, humble, ingenuous, innocent, intelligible, jejune, lucid, mere, mild, modest, naif, naive, naïve, naked, natural, neat, nude, obvious, painless, plain, pure, round-eyed, shallow, sheer, silly, simple-minded, sincere, single, sober, spare, stark, straightforward, stupid, subdued, trifling, trivial, trustful, unadorned, unaffected, uncomplicated, understandable, unembellished, unmixed, unornamented, unpretentious, unproblematic, unsophisticated, unsubdivided, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unworldly, wide-eyed, cretinous, dead easy, moronic, simpleton

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