remote lietuviškai

remote vertimas a 1) tolimas, nutolęs; 2) menkas, nežymus; vargiai įvyksiąs; remote control distancinis valdymas

  • remote control (n.) nuotolinis valdymas
  • remote sensing (n.) nuotolinis aptikimas
  • Remote sensing Nuotolinis aptikimas
  • remote-controlled (adj.) nepilotuojamas
  • Java remote method invocation RMI
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (device) a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distance
  • (located far away) located far away spatially
  • (unlikely) very unlikely
  • (removed) separate or apart in time
  • (inaccessible) inaccessible and sparsely populated
  • (far apart, relevance) far apart in relevance, relationship, or kinship
  • (ulterior) beyond or outside an area of immediate interest

remote sinonimai afar, alien, a long way away, detached, distant, extraneous, far afield, faraway, far away, far-fetched, far-flung, far off, far-off, flimsy, foreign, forgotten, fragile, god-forsaken, high, inaccessible, irrelevant, isolated, lonesome, northerly, off the beaten track, outback, out-of-the-way, outside, private, remotely, removed, retiring, secluded, slender, slight, slim, small, tenuous, thin, withdrawn, remote control

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