out-of-the-way lietuviškai

out-of-the-way vertimas a 1) tolimas; atkampus; 2) nepaprastas; 3) ekscentriškas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (ordinary) out of the ordinary Similar to: unusual
  • (unmeet) improper or even offensive Similar to: improper
  • (far) remote from populous or much-traveled regions
  • (not usual, common) not usual, common, or ordinary
  • (remote location, distance) in a remote location or at a distance from the usual route
  • (dead) killed unlawfully
  • (dealt with) dealt with; disposed of
  • (so, not, obstruct) so as not to obstruct or hinder
  • (amiss) in an improper, mistaken, or unfortunate manner

out of the way sinonimai unusual, aloofly, apart, aside, at a distance, in seclusion, remotely, secludedly

out-of-the-way sinonimai back, off the beaten track, outlying, remote, secluded

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