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outside vertimas 1. n 1) išorinė pusė; 2) išorė; 3) kraštutinė riba; at the outside geriausiu atveju; 2. a 1) išorinis; 2) galinis; 3. adv 1) iš lauko, iš išorės; outside and in iš išorės ir viduje; 2) lauke, kieme; 4. prp už (ribų); outside the door už durų; outside the house ne namie; prie namo; that is outside my plans tai neįeina į mano planus; outside the range virš galimybės ribų, nebepasiekiama

  • outside in išvirkščias
  • outside in () išvirkščias
  • at the outside daugiausia
  • at the outside () daugių daugiausia, daugiausia
  • Outside broadcasting Kilnojama televizijos stotis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (region) the region that is outside of something
  • (surface) the outer side or surface of something
  • (being, outer side) relating to or being on or near the outer side or limit Similar to: after-school, extracurricular, extracurricular, right
  • (extrinsic) coming from the outside
  • (outwith) originating or belonging beyond some bounds
  • (outdoor) located, suited for, or taking place in the open air
  • (extramural) functioning outside the boundaries or precincts of an organized unit Similar to: extramural
  • (leading, outside) leading to or from the outside Similar to: exterior
  • (foreign) from or between other countries
  • (unlikely) very unlikely
  • (outer) on or toward an outer edge Similar to: outer
  • (baseball game) of a baseball pitch, on the far side of home plate from the batter
  • (outdoors) outside a building
  • (adverb: outside) on the outside

outside sinonimai away, external, extraneous, far-fetched, international, largest, outdoor, outer, out-of-door, remote, alfresco, in the open, in the open air, out, outdoors, out of doors, exterior, exteriorly, external, externally, extraneous, on the outside, out, outer, outermost, outmost, outward, outwardly, exterior, out of

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