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pace vertimas I prp kam nors leidus II 1. n 1) žingsnis; bėgsena; eisena; to keep pace withneatsilikti; to put on pace paspartinti (žingsnį); 2) greitis, tempas; 2. v 1) žingsniuoti, eiti; 2) matuoti žingsniais; 3) vesti (rungtynėse); 4) bėgti risčia

  • set the pace () duoti tempą
  • keep pace with () neatsilikti nuo
  • pace out (iš)matuoti žingsniais
  • at a snail's pace (adv.) vėžlio žingsniu
  • Autódromo José Carlos Pace Trasa Interlagos
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (gait) the rate of moving (especially walking or running)
  • (indefinite quantity) the distance covered by a step
  • (temporal property) the relative speed of progress or change
  • (walking) a step in walking or running
  • (tempo) the rate of some repeating event
  • (linear unit) a unit of length equal to 3 feet; defined as 91.44 centimeters; originally taken to be the average length of a stride
  • (foot) to walk with slow or fast paces Type of: walk
  • (travel) to go at a pace Type of: travel
  • (quantify) to measure (distances) by pacing
  • (determine) to regulate or set the pace of Type of: determine

pace sinonimai rate, cadence, clip, footfall, footstep, gait, momentum, rate, speed, step, stride, tempo, tread, velocity, yard, yd, set the pace, step

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