stride lietuviškai

stride vertimas 1. n 1) didelis žingsnis; 2)pl laimėjimai;2. v (strode; stridden) 1) žengti dideliais žingsniais; žirglioti; peržengti; 2) sėdėti apžargomis

  • take in one's stride lengvai susidoroti su
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (walking) a step in walking or running
  • (indefinite quantity) the distance covered by a step
  • (advancement) significant progress Type of: advancement
  • (foot) to walk with long steps Type of: walk
  • (traverse) to cover or traverse by taking long steps Type of: traverse

stride sinonimai footstep, gait, pace, step, tread, process, step, walk, march

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