empty lietuviškai

empty vertimas 1. a 1) tuščias; 2)perk. be turinio;2. n pl tušti vagonai, indai, tuščios dėžės;3. v 1) ištuštinti; 2) išpilti; 3) įtekėti(apie upę; into); 4) tuštėti, išgerti

  • empty out (v.) iškraustyti, išversti
  • empty one's bowels (v.) kakoti, šikti, iššikti, ðûdas
  • empty tomb (n.) kenotafas, simbolinis antkapinis paminklas
  • empty talk (n.) tušti žodžiai
  • empty words (n.) tušti žodžiai
  • empty-handed (adj.) tuščiomis rankomis
  • empty-headed (adj.) kvailas, tuščiagalvis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (container) a container that has been emptied Type of: container
  • (change) to make void or empty of contents Type of: change
  • (change state) to become empty or void of its content
  • (leave) to leave behind empty; to move out of
  • (excrete) to excrete or discharge from the body
  • (remove) to remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
  • (toom) holding or containing nothing
  • (meaningless) devoid of significance or point
  • (hungry) needing nourishment
  • (drained) emptied of emotion Similar to: drained

empty sinonimai bare, blank, clean, clear, deserted, destitute, empty-bellied, fasting, free, free off, frivolous, hollow, ineffective, insincere, off, superficial, unfilled, uninhabited, unoccupied, unprinted, unrestricted, vacant, vacuous, vain, void, white, abandon, discharge, evacuate, vacate, void, drain, drain the cup, drink up, empty out, finish, finish off, finish up, pump out, shake out, turn out

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