lesson lietuviškai

lesson vertimas 1. n 1) pamoka; to do lessons ruošti pamokas; to say one's lesson atsakyti pamoką; to give (to take) lessons mokyti (mokytis); 2) pamokymas;2. v pamokyti

  • teach a lesson (v.) pliaukštelėti, uždrožti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (instr.) a unit of instruction Type of: teaching. Part of: course of instruction
  • (admonition) punishment intended as a warning to others
  • (meaning) the significance of a story or event
  • (school assignment) a task assigned for individual study Type of: school assignment. Part of: educational activity

lesson sinonimai assignment, class, course, deterrent example, education, example, instruction, learning, lecture, message, moral, object lesson, period, project, reading, recitation, schooling, study, teaching, tutoring

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