corresponding lietuviškai

corresponding vertimas a atitinkamas

  • correspond with (v.) susirašinėti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (match) to be compatible, similar or consistent; to coincide in their characteristics
  • (equate) to be equivalent or parallel, in mathematics
  • (communication verb) to exchange messages Followed by: write
  • (represent) to take the place of, or be parallel or equivalent to
  • (similar) similar, especially in position or purpose
  • (same) conforming in every respect
  • (related to) being connected either logically, causally, or by shared characteristics

corresponding sinonimai identical, accompanying, akin, analogous, comparable, comparative, comparison, concordant, congruent, correspondent, equal, equivalent, identical, like, similar

correspond sinonimai accord, agree, answer, carry on a correspondence with, carry on correspondence with, check, coincide, communicate, concur, conform, correspond with, equate, fit, gibe, harmonise, harmonize, interact, jibe, keep up a correspondence with, keep up correspondence with, match, represent, resemble, stand for, tally, tie in/up, write, write to

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