big lietuviškai

big vertimas a 1) didelis; platus; 2) išdidus; 3) suaugęs; 5) svarbus; to talk big girtis; big with news pilnas naujienų; too big for one's boots šnek. per daug savimi pasitikįs

  • Big Bend National Park Didžiojo vingio nacionalinis parkas
  • big dipper (n.) kalnų traukinukas
  • big shot (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big deal (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big noise (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big hit (n.) hitas, numeris
  • big game (n.) stambūs žvėrys
  • act big (v.) įsivaizdinti, begėdiškai neigti, puikuotis
  • big-bellied (adj.) pilvotas
  • Big Bang Didysis sprogimas
  • big businessman (n.) magnatas
  • big cat (n.) katė, kačių šeimos žinduolis
  • big fish (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big wheel (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big enchilada (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big gun (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big hand (n.) minutinė rodyklė
  • big man (n.) galvutė, vadas, vadovas, vyriausiasis, galva
  • big name (n.) talentingumas, įžymumas
  • big cheese (n.) įtakingas asmuo
  • big-hearted (adj.) nemažas, gausus, kilniaširdiškas, kilnus
  • talk big () girtis
  • give a big hand (v.) ploti
  • Big Bang nucleosynthesis Didžiojo sprogimo branduolių sintezė
  • Big Mac Index Big Mac indeksas
  • Big Rip Didysis suplėšymas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (enormous) above average in size, number, quantity, magnitude, or extent
  • (intense) very intense
  • (loud) loud and firm Similar to: loud
  • (conspicuous) conspicuous in position or importance
  • (boastful) exhibiting self-importance
  • (swelled) feeling self-importance
  • (animal) of animals, fully developed
  • (marked, intense physical) marked by intense physical force Similar to: heavy
  • (magnanimous) generous, understanding, and tolerant
  • (big-hearted) given or giving freely
  • (pregnant) in an advanced stage of pregnancy
  • (intemperate) excessive in behavior
  • (important) of great significance or value
  • (extremely well) extremely well
  • (boastfully) in a boastful manner
  • (grand scale) on a grand scale
  • (major way) in a major way

big sinonimai abundant, adult, appreciable, arrogant, bad, bighearted, boastful, bountiful, braggart, bragging, braggy, brimful, broad, cock-a-hoop, commodious, conceited, consequential, considerable, crowing, distinguished, eminent, enceinte, eventful, excessive, expectant, expecting, extravagant, fat, flashy, free, freehanded, full-grown, generous, giant, gigantic, giving, gravid, great, grown, grownup, grown-up, handsome, haughty, heavy, hefty, huge, immense, important, impressive, inflated, large, lavish, liberal, magnanimous, major, marked, massive, mature, of import, openhanded, pre-eminent, pretentious, prolific, prominent, self-aggrandising, self-aggrandizing, self-important, significant, substantial, swelled, swollen, tall, tremendous, vainglorious, vast, vital, weighty, with child, bounteous, fully grown, admirably, boastfully, large, superlatively, vauntingly

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