mature lietuviškai

mature vertimas 1. a 1) subrendęs; prinokęs; 2) mokėtinas (apie mokesčio terminą);2.v 1) bręsti; nokti; 2) brandinti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (develop, reach maturity) to develop and reach maturity; to undergo maturation
  • (explicate) to develop and work out fully in one's mind Type of: explicate
  • (become due, repayment) to become due for repayment Type of: change
  • (alter) to cause to ripen or develop fully
  • (senesce) to grow old or older
  • (draw) to cause to ripen and discharge pus
  • (characteristic, maturity) characteristic of maturity Similar to: autumnal, ripe
  • (developed) fully considered and perfected
  • (reached full natural) having reached full natural growth or development Similar to: abloom, adult, fruiting, full-blown, headed, marriageable, over-blown, prime. Described...
  • (ripe) fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used
  • (fledged) of birds, often used in combination, having developed feathers or plumage

mature sinonimai adult, big, considered, defunct, expired, fledged, full-grown, grown, grownup, grown-up, lapsed, matured, mellow, ripe, fully grown, age, get on, grow, maturate, mellow, ripen, senesce, suppurate

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