authorized lietuviškai

authorized vertimas a 1) leistas, sankcionuotas; 2) autorizuotas (apie vertimą)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (permit) to grant authorization or clearance for
  • (appoint) to give or delegate power or authority to
  • (endowed, authority) endowed with authority
  • (official) sanctioned by established authority

authorize sinonimai allow, license, permit, accept, affirm, approve, approve of, assign, back, back sth. up, be in agreement with, certify, clear, commission, compact, confirm, consign, constitute, delegate, depute, empower, endorse, entitle, establish, give a mandate, give authority, give one's approval, give power, invest, legalize, legitimate, license, pass, permit, ratify, sanction, set one's seal to, state, support, validate, warrant, acquiesce in, authorise, go along with

authorized sinonimai accredited, allowed, approved, authorised, authoritative, certified, commissioned, competent, eligible, empowered, entitled, forensic, legal, licenced, licensed, official, ordered, qualified, sanctioned, statutory

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