arresting lietuviškai

arresting vertimas a 1) sulaikąs; 2) patraukiąs dėmesį, stebinąs

  • house arrest (n.) namų areštas
  • House arrest Namų areštas
  • under arrest (adv.) areštuotas
  • Arrest (disambiguation) Areštas
  • European arrest warrant (n.) Europos arešto orderis
  • European Arrest Warrant Europos arešto orderis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (seize) to take into custody
  • (defend) to hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; to check the expansion or influence of
  • (attract) to attract and fix
  • (halt) to cause to stop
  • (impressive) commanding attention

arresting sinonimai conspicuous, eminent, famous, leading, notable, noticeable, outstanding, sensational, stunning, well-known

arrest sinonimai apprehension, attachment, bust, catch, check, collar, committal, detention, halt, hindrance, hitch, interruption, obstruction, pinch, restraint, seizure, standstill, stay, stop, stoppage, taking into custody, block, check, halt, hold back, kibosh, put a stop to, stop, bust, capture, catch, check, collar, contain, cop, detain, get, grab, halt, hold, hold back, nab, nail, pick up, pinch, stop, turn back, apprehend, nick, pull in, run in

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