annoying lietuviškai

annoying vertimas įkyrus

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (mistreatment) the act of troubling or annoying someone
  • (displease) to cause annoyance in; to disturb, especially by minor irritations
  • (disagreeable) causing irritation or annoyance

annoying sinonimai aggravating, bothersome, disturbing, embarrassing, exasperating, galling, gnawing, harassing, importunate, inauspicious, inopportune, interfering, irksome, irritating, jarring, maddening, nettlesome, obnoxious, pesky, pestering, pestiferous, plaguey, plaguy, provoking, teasing, tiresome, troublesome, uncomfortable, unpleasant, untimely, vexatious, vexing, annoyance, irritation, peeve, vexation

annoy sinonimai afflict, aggravate, antagonise, antagonize, bedevil, bore, bother, bug, chafe, devil, distress, disturb, embitter, enrage, exasperate, fuss, gall, get at, get someone's goat, get to, goad, gravel, grind, haggle, harass, harry, hound, intrude, irk, irritate, molest, nark, needle, perplex, pester, provoke, put someone's back up, put someone's hackles up, rag, rub up the wrong way, tease, tire, trouble, vex, worry, get s.o.'s back up, get s.o.'s goat, nettle, rile

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