distress lietuviškai

distress vertimas 1. n 1) vargas, kančia; 2) nelaimė; distress signal nelaimės signalas (SOS);2. v nuliūdinti; sukelti sielvartą; to distress oneselfrūpintis, kankintis

  • be in distress (v.) liūdėti
  • Infant respiratory distress syndrome Hialininių membranų liga
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (painfulness) psychological suffering
  • (adversity) a state of adversity (danger, affliction, or need) Type of: adversity
  • (hurting) extreme physical pain Type of: pain
  • (seizure) the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt or satisfaction of a claim
  • (put out) to bring into difficulties or distress, especially financial hardship
  • (disturb) to cause mental pain to Type of: disturb
  • (wound) to deeply hurt the feelings of
  • (discompose) to cause great unhappiness for

distress sinonimai ache, adversity, affliction, agony, anguish, beggary, calamity, danger, dejection, destitution, distraint, endangerment, grief, hazard, hurt, hurting, indigence, jeopardy, misery, mournfulness, mourning, need, neediness, pain, penury, peril, poverty, privation, risk, sadness, severe suffering, severe sufferings, sorrow, sorrow and misery, suffering, torment, trouble, want, wretchedness, woe, straiten, anguish, hurt, pain

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