annoy lietuviškai

annoy vertimas v 1) pykinti; 2) įkyrėti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • The performance is likely to annoy her.
  • The bad news will annoy him.

annoy sinonimai afflict, aggravate, antagonise, antagonize, bedevil, bore, bother, bug, chafe, devil, distress, disturb, embitter, enrage, exasperate, fuss, gall, get at, get someone's goat, get to, goad, gravel, grind, haggle, harass, harry, hound, intrude, irk, irritate, molest, nark, needle, perplex, pester, provoke, put someone's back up, put someone's hackles up, rag, rub up the wrong way, tease, tire, trouble, vex, worry, get s.o.'s back up, get s.o.'s goat, nettle, rile

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