irritation lietuviškai

irritation vertimas n 1) susierzinimas, pyktis; 2) med. suerzinimas, sujaudinimas, sudirginimas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (psychological state) the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed
  • (chafe) a sudden outburst of anger
  • (pathology) abnormal sensitivity to stimulation Topic: pathology. Type of: abnormality. Type of: sensitization
  • (arousal) the neural or electrical arousal of an organ, muscle, or gland
  • (suffering) an uncomfortable feeling of mental painfulness or distress
  • (aggression) unfriendly behavior that causes anger or resentment
  • (mistreatment) the act of troubling or annoying someone

irritation sinonimai aggravation, anger, annoyance, annoying, botheration, chafing, discomfort, displeasure, exasperation, excitation, innervation, irritability, peeve, pique, prickle, provocation, rawness, rub, soreness, stress, swelling, temper, tenderness, tickle, tingle, upset, vexation, prickle, tingle

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