wing lietuviškai

wing vertimas 1. n 1) sparnas; on the wing skrendant;perk. kelionėje; to take wing nuskristi, nulėkti; to singe one's wings nudegti sparnelius; 2) fligelis; 3) kar.sparnas, flangas; 4) pl teatr. kulisai;2. v 1) skraidyti; 2) suteikti sparnus

  • on the wing (adv.) išskrendantis, skrendant
  • left wing (n.) kairieji, kairysis sparnas
  • left-wing (adj.) kairysis
  • right wing (n.) dešinieji, dešinysis sparnas
  • right wing (adj.) dešinysis
  • side wing (n.) priestatas
  • wing commander (n.) aviacijos papulkininkis
  • Fixed-wing aircraft Lėktuvas
  • Left-wing politics Kairė (politikoje)
  • Right-wing politics Dešinė (politikoje)
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (general anatomy) a movable organ for flying (one of a pair) Topic: general anatomy. Type of: organ. Part of: angel |bat |bird |insect
  • (airfoil) one of the horizontal airfoils on either side of the fuselage of an airplane Type of: airfoil. Part of: airplane
  • (stage) a stage area out of sight of the audience
  • (air unit) a unit of military aircraft Topic: military machine. Type of: air unit. Part of: air division
  • (formation) the side of military or naval formation
  • (ice-hockey player) a hockey player stationed in a forward position on either side Type of: ice-hockey player
  • (position) in flight formation, a position to the side and just to the rear of another aircraft Type of: position
  • (social group) a group within a political party, legislature, or other organization that holds distinct views or has a particular function Type of: social group
  • (helping) the wing of a fowl Type of: helping. Part of: bird
  • (barrier) a barrier that surrounds the wheels of a vehicle to block splashing water or mud
  • (addition) an addition that extends a main building
  • (travel) to travel through the air; to be airborne

wing sinonimai adjunct, aerofoil, aircraft wing, airfoil, appendage, backstage, conjunct, ell, extension, fender, flank, inset, mudflap, mudguard, offstage, outbuilding, sail, side wing, sweep, vane, winger, wings, annex, annexe, pinion, mud flap, mudguard, splash-guard, mudflap, splash guard, fly

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