adjunct lietuviškai

adjunct vertimas 1. n 1) padėjėjas; 2) papildymas; 2. a papildomas, pridedamas

  • adjunct cooker (n.) kepti, tinkamas virti, tinkamas virti/kepti, viryklė
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (inessential) something added to another thing but not an essential part of it
  • (associate) a person who is an assistant or subordinate to another
  • (grammar) a construction that can be used to extend the meaning of a word or phrase but isn't one of the main constituents of a sentence
  • (supportive) furnishing added support
  • (subordinate) of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another

adjunct sinonimai accessary, accessory, adjuvant, ancillary, appurtenant, assistant, auxiliary, extraneous, subsidiary, supplementary, accessory, accompaniment, addition, aide, appendage, appendix, modifier, supplement, complement

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