irregular lietuviškai

irregular vertimas 1. a 1) netaisyklingas; nereguliarus; nenormalus, netvarkingas; 2) nelygus; 2. n pl nereguliari kariuomenė

  • Irregular galaxy Netaisyklingoji galaktika
  • Irregular chess opening Neįprasti šachmatų debiutai
  • on an irregular basis (adv.) nereguliariai, nelygiai
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (warrior) a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment
  • (merchandise) merchandise that has imperfections; usually sold at a reduced price without the brand name
  • (contrary, rule, accepted) contrary to rule, accepted order, or general practice
  • (sporadical) not occurring at expected times
  • (military, not belonging) of the military, not belonging to or engaged in by regular army forces
  • (solids, not, clear) of solids, not having clear dimensions that can be measured; volume must be determined with the principle of liquid displacement
  • (imperfect) falling below the manufacturer's standard
  • (abnormal) deviating from normal expectations; somewhat odd, strange, or abnormal
  • (part-time) lacking continuity or regularity
  • (uneven) of a surface or shape, not level, flat, or symmetrical
  • (unconventional) independent in behavior or thought

irregular sinonimai aberrant, abnormal, against the rules, anomalous, asymmetrical, atypical, broken, bumpy, craggy, deviant, disjointed, disorderly, disproportionate, dissimilar, eccentric, erratic, erratical, fanciful, fancy, haphazard, hit-or-miss, inconstant, inexplicable, jagged, lop-sided, maverick, mismatched, noisy, not in accordance with the regulations, not in accordance with the rules, one-sided, random, rough, temporary, unceremonious, unequal, uneven, unilateral, unofficial, unorthodox, unpredictable, unsteady, unsymmetrical, unsystematic, unusual, strong, uneven, guerilla, guerrilla, insurgent, rejects, second

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