tying lietuviškai

tying vertimas pres p iš tie.

  • tie in (v.) jungti, jungtis, įjungti, sieti, susieti, sujungti
  • tie-in (n.) ryšys, grandis
  • tie on (v.) užsivilkti, užsimauti
  • cup tie (n.) taurės rungtynės
  • cup-tie (n.) taurės rungtynės
  • bow tie (n.) varlytė, drugelis
  • bow-tie (n.) varlytė, drugelis
  • black tie (n.) smokingas
  • Black tie Smokingas
  • tie down (v.) įrišti, surišti, suveržti
  • Railroad tie Pabėgiai
  • tie up (v.) nusileisti, nukristi, nutupdyti, aprišti, surišti, įrišti, suveržti, prisišvartuoti, prišvartuoti
  • tie-up (n.) grūstis, kamštis
  • White tie Frakas
  • tying up (n.) švartfalas, lynas, grandinė
  • Tie (draw) Lygiosios
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (fastening) the act of tying or binding things together
  • (fasten) to fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
  • (equalise) to finish a game with an equal number of points, goals, and so on
  • (restrict) to limit or restrict to Type of: restrict
  • (connect, fasten, put) to connect, fasten, or put together 2 or more pieces
  • (shape) to form a knot or bow in Type of: shape
  • (relate) to create social or emotional ties
  • (officiate) to perform a marriage ceremony
  • (fashion) to make by tying pieces together Type of: fashion
  • (unite musical notes) to unite musical notes by a tie Type of: connect up

tie sinonimai alliance, bond, bout, fixture, game, play, contest, match, affiliation, association, bond, connection, cravat, draw, liaison, link, linkup, standoff, stirrup, tie beam, tie-in, tie-up, connexion, necktie, railroad tie, railway sleeper, crosstie, sleeper, attach, bind, connect, correlate, draw, fasten, join, knot, knot together, lace, lace up, lash, ligature, link, match, strap, tie up, unite, attach, bind, bond, celebrate a marriage, connect, draw, fasten, join in marriage, join in matrimony, join in wedlock, lash, link, link up, marry, perform a marriage, solemnise a marriage, solemnize a marriage, splice, strap, tie up, unite in wedlock, wed

tying sinonimai ligature

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