splice lietuviškai

splice vertimas v 1) jūr. sujungti lyno galus; 2) stat. (lentas) sujungti, sudurti; 3) šnek. susituokti (papr.to get spliced)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (conjunction) a junction where 2 things (as paper, film, or magnetic tape) have been joined together
  • (joint) a joint made by overlapping 2 ends and joining them together
  • (join, ends of) to join the ends of Type of: conjoin
  • (officiate) to perform a marriage ceremony
  • (join together so) to join together so as to form new genetic combinations Type of: conjoin
  • (intertwine) to join by interweaving strands Type of: intertwine

splice sinonimai graft, lap joint, splicing, join, unite, celebrate a marriage, join in marriage, join in matrimony, join in wedlock, marry, perform a marriage, solemnise a marriage, solemnize a marriage, tie, unite in wedlock, wed

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