bind lietuviškai

bind vertimas v (bound) 1) (ap)rišti, surišti; įrišti (knygą); 2) įpareigoti; to bind over appear įpareigoti stoti į teismą; to bind up aptvarstyti (žaizdą); bound up with susijęs su kuo nors

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (hindrance) something that hinders as if with bonds Type of: hindrance
  • (cling) to stick to firmly
  • (social verb) to create social or emotional ties
  • (make fast) to make fast; to tie or secure, with, or as if with, a rope Type of: attach
  • (bandage) to wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
  • (restrain) to secure with, or as if with, ropes
  • (oblige) to bind by an obligation; to cause to be indebted
  • (cover) to provide with a binding Type of: cover
  • (fasten, secure, rope) to fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
  • (chemistry) to form a chemical bond with Topic: chemistry. Type of: adhere
  • (indispose) to cause to be constipated

bind sinonimai attach, border, compel, confine, constrain, engage, fasten, force, indenture, knot, knot together, necessitate, obligate, oblige, seal, strap, tie, tie up, wrap, adhere, adhere to, attach, bandage, be stuck, bind up, bond, constipate, fasten, hold, hold fast, lash, link, obligate, oblige, pinion, stick, stick to, strap, tie, tie down, tie up, truss, truss up

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