strong lietuviškai

strong vertimas 1. a 1) stiprus, tvirtas; 2) aštrus; kandus; 3) energingas; 4) garsus (apie balsą); 5) griežtas, ryžtingas;2. adv stipriai, ryžtingai; to come it strong perk. per toli nueiti

  • strong suit (n.) stiprioji vieta, pusė, stiprioji vieta/pusė, firminis produktas, specialybė
  • be going strong () tvirtai laikytis ant kojų
  • strong point (n.) stiprioji vieta, pusė, stiprioji vieta/pusė, firminis produktas, specialybė
  • strong box (n.) seifas
  • strong language () keiksmai, keiksmažodžiai
  • strong-armer (n.) banditas, chuliganas, nusikaltėlis
  • strong belief (n.) įsitikinimas
  • strong drink (n.) stiprus alkoholinis gėrimas, alkoholinis gėrimas
  • Strong interaction Stiprioji sąveika
  • use strong language (v.) keiktis
  • strong room (n.) saugykla
  • strong-arm (v.) stumdyti, visur varinėti, vedžioti už nosies
  • strong-minded (adj.) ryžtingas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (Atlantean) having strength or power greater than average or expected
  • (brutal) not faint or feeble Similar to: intense
  • (puissant) having or wielding force or authority
  • (strong physiological, chemical) having a strong physiological or chemical effect
  • (impregnable) immune to attack; incapable of being tampered with
  • (sound) of good quality and condition; solidly built
  • (grammar) of verbs not having standard (or regular) inflection Topic: grammar. Similar to: irregular
  • (alcoholic) being distilled rather than fermented; having a high alcoholic content
  • (fresh) freshly made or left
  • (forceful) strong and sure
  • (saturated) of color, having the highest saturation

strong sinonimai accented, acute, alcoholic, ardent, aromatic, athletic, beefy, biting, bold, brave, brawny, brilliant, capable, clear, close, close-knit, closely-knit, cogent, competent, conclusive, concrete, convincing, courageous, decisive, definite, distinct, durable, eager, earnest, effective, efficient, enduring, fearless, firm, forceful, forcible, fresh, glaring, hale, hard, hardy, healthy, hearty, heavy, Herculean, high, highly seasoned, hot, impenetrable, impregnable, impressive, inebriating, intense, intoxicating, inviolable, lasting, lively, long-lasting, long-lived, lusty, marked, mighty, muscular, odoriferous, persuasive, piquant, potent, powerful, pungent, resolute, resourceful, robust, rugged, savory, savoury, secure, sharp, sinewy, solid, spicy, spirituous, stalwart, stark, staunch, steady, stiff, stout, strapping, strenuous, sturdy, substantial, taut, tenacious, tight, tightly-knit, tough, unassailable, unattackable, uneven, unwavering, valid, vehement, vigorous, vivid, warm, zealous, hardwearing, hard-wearing, irregular, longwearing

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