serve lietuviškai

serve vertimas 1. v 1) tarnauti; to serve as eiti kieno nors pareigas; tikti; 2) paduoti, aptarnauti (restorane ir pan.);3) sport. servuoti; 4) elgtis su kuo nors (blogai, gerai); it serves him right!taip jam ir reikia; to serve for tikti (kam); to serve out a) atmokėti, nubausti; b) išdalyti (davinį); to serve round aptarnauti (svečius); to serve up paduoti į stalą;to serve (one) with aptarnauti, paduoti (maistą);2. sport. n (kamuolio) padavimas

  • serve a purpose tikti
  • serve an apprenticeship () būti mokiniu, pameistriu
  • serve out (v.) patarnauti, patiekti
  • serve out () išdalinti
  • serve up (v.) patarnauti, patiekti
  • serve right taip (kam) ir reikia
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (tennis stroke) a stroke that puts the ball in play
  • (serve, purpose, role) to serve a purpose, role, or function
  • (do duty, hold) to do duty or hold offices; to serve in a specific function Type of: do work
  • (cause) to contribute or conduce to Type of: cause. Similar to: serve well
  • (operate) to be used by, as of a utility
  • (help, food) to help to some food; to help with food or drink
  • (provide, usually but) to provide (usually but not necessarily food)
  • (devote, part, life) to devote (part of) one's life or efforts to, as of countries, institutions, or ideas Type of: work
  • (foster) to promote, benefit, or be useful or beneficial to
  • (spend) to spend time in prison or in a labor camp
  • (aid) to work for or be a servant to
  • (deliver) to deliver a warrant or summons to someone
  • (satisfy) to be sufficient; to be adequate, either in quality or quantity
  • (do military service) to do military service Type of: do work
  • (copulate) to mate with
  • (court game) to put the ball into play Topic: court game. Type of: move

serve sinonimai service, answer, assist, attend, attend to, be enough, be in the army, be in the forces, be of use, be sufficient, be under arms, copulate, couple, cover, deliver, dish, dish out, dish up, do, do military service, function, help, ladle, ladle out, oblige, pair, process, provide, satisfy, serve in the army, serve out, serve up, serve well, service, spoon up, succour, suffice, suit, supply, swear out, wait, wait on, be in the armed forces, be in the army, be in the forces, be under arms, serve in the army, service, tup, attend to

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