questioning lietuviškai

questioning vertimas 1. apklausa, tardymas; 2. abejonė.

  • Palestinian question (n.) Palestinos klausimas
  • catch question (n.) suktas klausimas
  • Tibetan question (n.) Tibeto klausimas
  • Kurdistan question (n.) Kurdistano klausimas
  • written question (n.) raštiškas paklausimas
  • cross-question (v.) apklausti kryžminės apklausos būdu
  • out of the question (adj.) nesuvokiamas
  • Armenian question (n.) Armėnijos klausimas
  • in question (adj.) abejojantis, nagrinėjamas, tvarkomas
  • in question () aptariamas, svarstomas
  • West Bank question (n.) Vakarų kranto klausimas
  • oral question (n.) žodinis paklausimas
  • question put to a minister (n.) parlamentinė interpeliacija
  • question master (n.) viktorinos vedėjas
  • question-master (n.) viktorinos vedėjas
  • parliamentary question (n.) parlamentinis paklausimas
  • question mark (n.) klaustukas
  • Question mark Klaustukas
  • question time (n.) paklausimų metas
  • call into question (v.) klausti, paklausti, pasiteirauti, abejoti, suabejoti, versti abejoti, laikyti abejotinu
  • Begging the question Cikliškas argumentas
  • loaded question (n.) suktas klausimas
  • Loaded question Sudėtinis klausimas
  • question (n.) abejojimas, ginčijamas klausimas, problema, ginčyti, tardymas, klausimas, teiravimasis, pasiteiravimas, dalykas, esmė, įtartinumas, pasiūlymas, dvejonė, netikrumas, abejotinas dalykas, abejonė, galimybė
  • question (v.) ginčyti, kvestionuoti, tardyti, išklausinėti, klausinėti, išklausti, klausti, paklausti, pasiteirauti, abejoti, suabejoti, versti abejoti, laikyti abejotinu, domėtis, pasidomėti
  • in question aptariamas, svarstomas
  • in question (adj.) abejojantis
  • out of the question (adj.) negali būti ir kalbos, nepakenčiamas, nesuvokiamas
  • question mark (n.) klausimas, klaustukas, pasiteiravimas, tardymas, teiravimasis
  • tag question (n.) priedas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (request) a request for information
  • (challenge) to challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of
  • (interrogate) to pose a series of questions to
  • (query) to pose a question
  • (converse) to conduct an interview in TV, newspaper, and radio reporting
  • (chew over) to place in doubt or express doubtful speculation
  • (perplexed) perplexed (as if being expected to know something that you don't know)
  • (distrustful) marked by or given to doubt
  • (curious) showing curiosity

questioning sinonimai doubting, inquiring, inquisitive, quizzical, speculative, wondering, sceptic, sceptical, skeptic, skeptical, cross-examination, examination, inquiring, interrogation, interrogatory, barracking, hailing, heckling, interpellation, parliamentary question

question sinonimai argue, argue about, argue over, contend, contest, contradict, discuss, dispute, dispute about, dispute over, doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety, dubiousness, enquiry, head, incertitude, indecision, indecisiveness, indetermination, inquiry, interrogation, interrogative, interrogative sentence, irresolution, issue, misgiving, oppose, query, questionableness, repugn, skirmish, talk over, talk through, uncertainty, motion, ask, cast doubts on, challenge, cross-examine, debrief, dispute, distrust, doubt, examine, grill, hear, interrogate, investigate, pump, sound out, ask, ask a question, call into question, cast doubts on, challenge, debrief, examine, interrogate, interview, oppugn, query, sound out, test, throw doubt on, wonder, hear

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