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ask vertimas v 1) klausti; teirautis; 2) prašyti (for); 3) kviesti (to); 4) reikalauti; ask me another! amer. nežinau, neklausk manęs; it asks (for) attention tai reikalauja dėmesio

  • ask a question (v.) tardyti
  • ask for charity (v.) rinkti aukas
  • ask after (v.) klausti, prašyti
  • ask after () paklausti, teirautis, ištirti kieno patikimumą, klausti, pasiteirauti
  • ask for (v.) klausti, prašyti, prisišaukti
  • ask for () paprašyti, pakviesti, kviesti, prašyti, pageidauti
  • ask in (v.) pakviesti, kviesti
  • ask round (v.) pakviesti, kviesti
  • ASK Riga Rygos ASK
  • ask over (v.) pakviesti, kviesti
  • ask oneself if (v.) stebėtis, nustebti, norėti žinoti
  • ask oneself whether (v.) stebėtis, nustebti, norėti žinoti
  • Ask and Embla Askas ir Embla
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (intercommunicate) to inquire about
  • (request) to make a request or demand for something to somebody Type of: request
  • (give voice) to direct or put; to seek an answer to Type of: give voice
  • (expect) to consider obligatory; to request and expect
  • (address) to address a question to and expect an answer from Type of: address
  • (claim) to require as useful, just, or proper
  • (require, ask, price) to require or ask for as a price or condition Type of: demand

ask sinonimai request, apply for, ask after, ask over, ask round, beg, beseech, bid, call for, challenge, claim, crave, demand, enquire, enquire about, enquire after, entreat, expect, implore, inquire, interrogate, invite, involve, make inquiries, make inquiries about, make inquiries into, necessitate, need, petition, plead, postulate, pray, query, question, request, require, seek, sue, supplicate, take, solicit

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