mounted lietuviškai

mounted vertimas a 1) raitas; raitininkų; 2) įrengtas ant mašinos; 3) (su)montuotas

  • Mount Ararat Araratas
  • Mount Carmel Karmelio kalnas
  • Mount Shasta Šasta
  • Mount Everest (n.) Džomolungma
  • Mount Everest Džomolungma
  • Mount Fuji Fudzijama
  • Surface-mount technology Paviršinis montavimas
  • mount up (v.) padidėti, didėti, augti, kilti
  • Mount McKinley Makinlio kalnas
  • Mount Sinai Sinajaus kalnas
  • Mount Parnassus Parnasas
  • Mount Vesuvius Vezuvijus
  • Mount Athos Atonas (Graikija)
  • Mount Etna Etna
  • mounted police (n.) raitasis policininkas
  • Mount St. Helens Šv. Elenos kalnas
  • Mount Kilimanjaro Kilimandžaras
  • Mount Whitney Vitnis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (attach) to attach to a support Type of: attach
  • (increase) to go up or advance
  • (fix) to fix onto a backing, setting, or support Type of: fix
  • (initiate) to put up or launch Type of: initiate
  • (move) to get up on the back of
  • (uprise) to go upward with gradual or continuous progress
  • (organize) to prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance
  • (mammalian) to copulate with
  • (affixed) assembled for use; especially by being attached to a support Similar to: affixed
  • (adorned) decorated with applied ornamentation

mount sinonimai passe-partout, backing, climb, frame, horse, mountain, rider, riding horse, saddle horse, setting, steed, charger, courser, ascend, attach, bestride, climb, climb on, climb up, fasten, fix, get on, go up, hop on, jump on, mount up, put on, ride, rise, secure, walk up, wax, accrue, augment, climb, come up, go up, go upwards, grow, increase, mount up, move up, move upwards, put up, raise, rise, run, run up, strengthen, ascend, assemble, build, fit, fix, nick, put together, set up

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