loose lietuviškai

loose vertimas 1. a 1) laisvas; 2) platus; 3) nerūpestingas, palaidas; 2. v paleisti, atrišti

  • loose-leaf (adj.) neįrištas, su palaidais lapais
  • loose woman (n.) prostitutė, kekšė, paleistuvė
  • loose-limbed (adj.) lankstus
  • have a screw loose trūksta vieno šulo
  • loose-tongued (adj.) šnekus, plepus
  • loose-lipped (adj.) šnekus, plepus
  • turn loose (v.) paleisti, išlaisvinti
  • at a loose end be jokio rimto darbo
  • loose-fitting (adj.) kaip maišas, apdribęs
  • on the loose (adj.) laisvas, laisvėje, palaidas, nepririštas
  • break loose (v.) ištrūkti, pasprukti, pabėgti, išsisukti, sprukti
  • break loose () pabėgti, bėgti, palikti, ištrūkti iš, pamėginti sprukti, bėgti nuo
  • let loose () išvaduoti, paleisti, duoti laisvę
  • loose change (n.) gryni pinigai
  • Turn Loose the Swans
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (liberate) to grant freedom to; to free from confinement
  • (let go of) to turn loose or free from restraint
  • (change) to make loose or looser
  • (weaken) to become loose, looser, or less tight
  • (not compact, dense) not compact or dense in structure or arrangement Similar to: light, silty, unconsolidated
  • (sports) of a ball in sport, not in the possession or control of any player Topic: sports. Similar to: uncontrolled
  • (not tight) not tight; not closely constrained, constricted, or constricting Similar to: baggy, flyaway
  • (unofficial) not officially recognized or controlled
  • (inexact) not literal
  • (unconstipated) emptying easily or excessively
  • (unaffixed) not affixed
  • (slack) not tense or taut
  • (coarse) of textures, full of small openings or gaps
  • (irresponsible) lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility
  • (unpackaged) not carefully arranged in a package Similar to: unpackaged
  • (at large) having escaped, especially from confinement
  • (unchaste) casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior
  • (adverb) without restraint

loose sinonimai abandoned, ample, at large, baggy, careless, debauched, dissipated, dissolute, easy, escaped, extensive, free, full, generous, idle, immoral, imprecise, indefinite, indistinct, inexact, informal, lascivious, lax, lengthy, lewd, liberal, libertine, licentious, light, negligent, on the loose, open, plentiful, promiscuous, relaxed, released, slack, sluttish, unaffixed, unattached, unbound, unchaste, unconfined, unfettered, unrestricted, untied, vague, wanton, free, deliver, free, let loose, liberate, loosen, relax, release, set at liberty, turn loose, unleash, unloose, unloosen, walk, detach, loosen, release, slacken, undo, unfasten

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