graft lietuviškai

graft vertimas I1. n 1) skiepas; 2) med. persodintas gyvas audinys; 3) (augalo) skiepijimas;2. v skiepyti (augalą) II1. n papirkinėjimas; kyšis;2. v amer. duoti ar imti kyšį

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (animal tissue) tissue or organ transplanted from a donor to a recipient; in some cases the patient can be both donor and recipient
  • (law) the practice of offering something (usually money) to gain an illicit advantage
  • (attachment) the act of grafting something onto something else
  • (conjoin) to cause to grow together parts from different plants
  • (insert) to place the organ of a donor into the body of a recipient

graft sinonimai bribery, corruption, donkeywork, donkey-work, drudgery, engraft, fag, grafting, grind, labour, plodding, scion, slog, splice, toil, transplant, engraft, ingraft, transplant

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