dispatch lietuviškai

dispatch vertimas 1. v 1) siųsti; išsiųsti (paštą, pasiuntinį); 2) greitai atlikti (reikalą, darbą);2. n 1) siuntimas; 2) telegrama; pranešimas; 3) (darbo) greitumas

  • dispatch rider (n.) kurjeris
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (news report) an official report (usually sent in haste)
  • (departure) the act of sending off something
  • (celerity) the property of being prompt and efficient
  • (killing) killing a person or animal
  • (transport) to send away towards a designated goal
  • (carry through) to complete or carry out
  • (murder) to kill intentionally and with premeditation
  • (act) to dispose of rapidly, without delay, and efficiently
  • (contact verb) to kill without delay

dispatch sinonimai haste, hastiness, hurriedness, hurry, precipitation, rush, communique, communiqué, despatch, expedition, expeditiousness, forwarding, mailing, sending, shipment, shipping, assassin, assassinate, complete, despatch, discharge, do away with, eliminate, hit, liquidate, murder, off, polish off, remove, send off, slay, to take someone for a ride, bump off, do in

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