uprise lietuviškai

uprise vertimas v (uprose; uprisen) 1) sukilti; 2) pakilti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (become) to come into existence; to take on form or shape
  • (ascend, sound) to ascend as a sound Type of: ascend
  • (bristle) to rise up as in fear
  • (change posture) to rise to one's feet
  • (astronomy) to come up, of celestial bodies
  • (travel) to move upward
  • (return) to return from the dead
  • (turn out) to get up and out of bed

uprise sinonimai arise, ascend, come up, develop, get out of bed, get up, go up, grow, lift, move up, originate, resurrect, rise, spring up, stand up, turn out, bristle, stand on end

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