dėlto angliškai

dėlto vertimas dll. still, all the same; vis d. for all that, still, nevertheless; all the same; (vis) d. jis atėjo, o aš maniau, kad neateis still he came and I thought he wouldn't (come)

  • vis dėlto (adv.) all the same, just the same, at any rate, anyhow, anyway, in spite of it all, at least, yet, only, besides, in any case, but, however, how, in spite of that, in spite of this, nevertheless, either way
  • vis dėlto () in the long run, eventually, in the long term, in time, after all, in the final analysis, ultimately, finally, in the end, at last, at long last, at the end of the day, in the event, at length
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