tug lietuviškai

tug vertimas 1. v vilkti, tempti, traukti; buksyruoti; 2. n vilkimas, traukimas; buksyravimas

  • tug-of-war (n.) virvės traukimas
  • tug-of-war (n.) susidūrimas, konfrontacija, susirėmimas
  • Tug of war Virvės traukimas
  • tug-boat (n.) vilkikas
  • Target tug Taikinių vilkikas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (pulling) a sudden abrupt pull
  • (boat) a powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships
  • (attract) to pull hard Type of: attract
  • (push) to strive and make an effort to reach a goal
  • (tow) to tow (a vessel) with a tug Type of: tow
  • (transport) to carry with difficulty
  • (move) to move by pulling hard Type of: move
  • (force) to pull or strain hard at Type of: pull
  • (contend) to struggle in opposition Type of: contend

tug sinonimai hitch, jerk, towboat, tower, tugboat, tug-boat, yank, drag, drag along, draw, lug, pluck, pull, tow, draw, draw along, drive, labor, labour, lug, pull, push, tote, tow, tow away

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