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try vertimas 1. v 1) bandyti, mėginti; 2) stengtis; to try one's best dėti pastangas; 3) ilsinti, varginti; 4) teisti;to try for siekti, ieškoti (darbo ir pan.); to try on pamatuoti (drabužį), primatuoti; 2. n bandymas, mėginimas

  • try one's hardest (v.) iš kailio nertis, padaryti viską, kas įmanoma
  • try-on (n.) prisimatavimas, primatavimas
  • try one's best (v.) padaryti visa, kas įmanoma
  • try for (v.) pereiti prie
  • try out (v.) išbandyti, bandyti, paragauti, pamėginti, pabandyti, egzaminuoti, tikrinti
  • try out () ieškoti, bandyti, išbandyti, pabandyti, siekti
  • Try (Nelly Furtado song) Try
  • try (n.) įvartis, bandymas, pastanga, pastangos, mėginimas, ávartis
  • try (v.) nuteisti, pasmerkti, išbandyti, bandyti, paragauti, pamėginti, būti teisėju, teisti, spręsti, ieškoti, pabandyti, siekti, egzaminuoti, tikrinti
  • try-on (n.) primatavimas, prisimatavimas
  • try one's hardest (v.) iš kailio nertis, kas įmanoma, padaryti viską
  • try out ieškoti, siekti
  • try out (v.) bandyti, egzaminuoti, išbandyti, pabandyti, pamėginti, paragauti, tikrinti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (activity) earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something
  • (act) to make an effort or attempt
  • (evaluate) to put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to
  • (decide) to put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of
  • (consume) to take a sample of
  • (probe) to examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process
  • (pain) to give pain or trouble to Type of: pain
  • (afflict) to test the limits of
  • (cooking) to melt (fat or lard) to separate out impurities
  • (wear) to put on a garment to see whether it fits and looks nice

try sinonimai attempt, effort, endeavor, endeavour, exertion, stroke, essay, go, shot, adjudicate, attempt, condemn, endeavor, endeavour, examine, experiment, hear, investigate, judge, pass sentence on, pronounce sentence, prove, put to the proof, put to the test, sample, seek, strive, taste, try out, undertake, adjudge, adjudicate, aim, assay, assess, attempt, condemn, doom, examine, have a bash at, have a crack at, have a stab at, hear, judge, pass sentence on, prove, render, sample, seek, sentence, strain, stress, taste, test, try on, try out, endeavor, endeavour, essay

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