torn lietuviškai

torn vertimas pp iš tear I

  • tear to pieces (v.) sudraskyti
  • shed a tear (v.) ašaroti
  • tear one's hair () rautis plaukus nuo galvos
  • tear gas (n.) ašarinės dujos
  • tear-gas (n.) ašarinės dujos
  • Tear gas Ašarinės dujos
  • tear down (v.) sulyginti su žeme, sugriauti, sulyginti su þeme
  • wear and tear (n.) nusidėvėjimas
  • tear up (v.) sukarpyti, karpyti, suplėšyti, sudraskyti, išrauti su šaknimis, ištraukti, ravėti, išnaikinti
  • tear-stained (adj.) paplūdęs ašaromis, ašarotas, arbatinė, užverktas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (rupture) to separate or cause to separate abruptly
  • (separate, be separated) to separate or be separated by force Type of: separate
  • (rush along) to move quickly and violently
  • (strip) to strip of feathers
  • (injured) having edges that are jagged from injury
  • (divided) disrupted by the pull of contrary forces Similar to: divided

tear sinonimai binge, bout, bust, pulling, rent, rip, snag, split, teardrop, wassail, become torn, break, cleave, cry, dismember, gash, lacerate, rend, rip, rip on, scrape on, sever, shred, tear away, tear on, tear open, tear up, weep, buck, bust, charge, deplumate, deplume, displume, pick, pluck, pull, rupture, shoot, shoot down, snap, whip off

torn sinonimai lacerate, lacerated, mangled

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