repress lietuviškai

repress vertimas v 1) numalšinti, nuslopinti; 2) sulaikyti (ašaras ir t. t.)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (oppress) to put down by force or intimidation
  • (stamp down) to conceal or hide
  • (psychiatry) to put out of one's consciousness
  • (change) to block the action of Type of: change

repress sinonimai quell, suppress, bottle up, check, curb, hinder, hold back, hold down, hold under, inhibit, keep down, keep in check, keep under, oppress, quell, restrain, subdue, suppress, swallow, crush, dominate, hold down, hold under, keep down, keep under, muffle, oppress, overwhelm, press, quash, reduce, smother, stifle, strangle, subdue, subjugate, suppress

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