repel lietuviškai

repel vertimas v 1) atstumti; atremti (puolimą); 2) atsisakyti priimti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (push) to cause to move back by force or influence
  • (displease) to be repellent to; to cause aversion in
  • (fight down) to force or drive back
  • (reject) to reject outright and bluntly
  • (stimulate) to fill with distaste

repel sinonimai avert, avoid, beat back, beat off, be distasteful, be distasteful to, be unpopular, be unpopular with, clear away, cloy, confront, debar, decline, deflect, disgust, displease, dissatisfy, drive, drive back, fence off, fend off, fight off, find unpleasant, force back, forefend, forestall, forfend, gross out, growl, hold off, keep off, nauseate, obviate, offend, oppose, overcome, pall, pall on, pall upon, parry, prevent, push back, put off, rebuff, refuse, reject, remove, repulse, resist, revolt, save, shove back, sicken, snap at, snarl, snub, stand up to, stave off, ward off, withstand, head off

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