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net vertimas I1. n 1) tinklas; spąstai; 2) voratinklis; 2. v 1) gaudyti tinklu (žuvis), išdėstyti tinklus; 2) pinti, nerti tinklą (t. p. nett) II 1. a kom.netto, grynas (apie svorį, pajamas); net profit grynas pelnas; 2. v duoti gryną pelną

  • fishing net (n.) žvejybos tinklas
  • price net of tax (n.) kaina be mokesčio
  • net recipient (n.) įmokų perviršio gavėjas
  • net income (n.) pelnas
  • net profit (n.) pelnas
  • Net profit Grynasis pelnas
  • net contributor (n.) įmokų perviršio mokėtojas
  • trawl net (n.) tralas
  • net (adj.) grynas, paskutinis, galutinis
  • net (n.) tinklas, tinklelis, tinklinis, pelnas, internetas
  • net (v.) gaudyti
  • net (n.) tinklelis, pinklės
  • net ton (n.) tona
  • NET Tinklas (reikšmės)
  • High-net-worth individual Turtingi asmenys
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (computer network) an international computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange
  • (trap) a trap made of netting to catch fish, birds, or insects Type of: trap
  • (income) the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
  • (goal) a goal lined with netting (as in soccer or hockey) Topics: field hockey. Type of: goal
  • (game equipment) game equipment consisting of a strip of netting dividing the playing area in tennis or badminton Type of: game equipment
  • (fabric) an open fabric of string, rope, or wire woven together at regular intervals
  • (gain) to make as a net profit
  • (yield) to yield as a net profit
  • (weave) to construct or form a web, as if by weaving
  • (catch) to catch with a net
  • (remaining, all deductions) remaining after all deductions
  • (ultimate) conclusive in a process or progression

Net sinonimai Internet, Internet network

net sinonimai after tax, clear, final, last, neat, nett, butterfly net, cyberspace, earnings, internet, lattice, lucre, mesh, net income, net profit, netting, network, profit, profits, web, grid, mesh, meshwork, network, meshing, clear, enmesh, ensnarl, mesh, nett, sack, sack up, web

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