lost lietuviškai

lost vertimas 1. pt ir pp iš lose; 2. a prarastas, dingęs

  • lost on neveikiantis ko
  • lose it (v.) neišlaikyti
  • be lost (v.) pasidaryti niekam tikusiam, pražūti, nueiti niekais, su kuo nors baigta, prapuolęs, pražuvęs
  • lost in () paskendęs, atsidavęs
  • lose one's bearings (v.) netekti orientacijos, pasimesti
  • lose face susigadinti reputaciją
  • lose one's memory prarasti atmintį
  • lose one's grip () prarasti kontrolę
  • lose oneself in () įsigilinti, pasinerti į, įsigilinti/pasinerti į
  • lose one's way (v.) pasiklysti
  • there's no love lost between them () jie nepakenčia vienas kito
  • lose one's cool prarasti savitvardą
  • get lost (v.) menkti, nykti, pasiklysti, mirti, gesti
  • lose hair (v.) šertis, nertis
  • lose out patirti nesėkmę, pralošti
  • lose sight of (v.) pamesti iš akių
  • lose one's head (v.) pamesti galvą, netekti proto
  • lose courage (v.) nusiminti, netekti vilties
  • lose interest daugiau nebesidomėti
  • lose heart (v.) netekti vilties, nusiminti
  • lose one's face (v.) mesti, nepasisekti, palikti, nepavykti, žlugti, sužlugti
  • lose weight (v.) suliesėti
  • lose one's voice prarasti balsą
  • lose one's temper (v.) įsiusti, netekti kantrybės, įsikarščiuoti, nesusivaldyti, užvirti pykčiu, prarasti savitvardą, pasiusti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (people) people who are destined to die soon
  • (fail, keep, maintain) to fail to keep or to maintain; to cease to have, either physically or in an abstract sense
  • (competition verb) to fail to win Followed by: compete
  • (emotion verb) to suffer the loss of a person through death or removal Type of: suffer
  • (put) to place (something) where one can't find it again
  • (miss, possessions) to miss from one's possessions; to lose sight of
  • (allow, go, sight) to allow to go out of sight
  • (turn a loss) to fail to make money in a business; to make a loss or fail to profit
  • (fail, get, obtain) to fail to get or obtain
  • (miss) to fail to perceive or to catch with the senses or the mind
  • (worsen) to be set at a disadvantage
  • (travel) to pull back, or move away or backward
  • (no longer, possession) no longer in your possession or control; unable to be found or recovered Similar to: gone, mislaid, missing, squandered, stray, straying
  • (unoriented) having lost your bearings; confused as to time, place, or personal identity
  • (spiritually, physically doomed) spiritually or physically doomed or destroyed Similar to: cursed, destroyed
  • (confiscate) not gained or won Similar to: confiscate
  • (unrecoverable) incapable of being recovered or regained Similar to: unrecoverable
  • (incomprehensible) not caught with the senses or the mind
  • (thoughtful) deeply absorbed in thought
  • (perplexed) perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment
  • (hopeless) unable to function; without help

lost sinonimai abandoned, absent, at sea, baffled, beaten, bedevilled, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, condemned, confounded, confused, corrupt, damned, debauched, deep in thought, departed, depraved, desolate, destroyed, disappeared, disoriented, dissipated, dissolute, done for, doomed, forfeit, forfeited, helpless, immoral, inconsolable, irreclaimable, irredeemable, irrevocable, licentious, lost in thought, mazed, mislaid, misplaced, missed, missing, misspent, mixed-up, perplexed, preoccupied, puzzled, squandered, stumped, vanished, wasted, doomed

lose sinonimai come off second best, disinherit, drop, drop off, exhaust, expend, fail, fall back, fall behind, forego, forfeit, forget, forgo, gamble away, get the worst, get the worst of, get the worst of it, give up, leave behind, lose/make money, lose income, mislay, misplace, miss, oust, recede, succumb, suffer, surrender, throw away, throw overboard, turn a loss, waive, withdraw

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