fail lietuviškai

fail vertimas 1. v 1) stokoti, trūkti; 2) nesugebėti; negalėti; he never fails phoning me jis visada man paskambina; 3) nusilpti, netekti jėgų; the man's health was failing (to) vyro sveikata nusilpo; 4) sužlugti (apie derlių, sumanymą); apvilti; 5) bankrutuoti; neišlaikyti (egzamino);2. n: without fail būtinai; tikriausia; failing 1.n silpnumas, nepakankamumas;3. prp trūkstant, nesant, stokojant

  • fail to (v.) žiūrėti pro pirštus į, nepastebėti
  • fail to appreciate (v.) šmeižti, sutepti gerą vardą, apjuodinti
  • without fail () tikrai, neabejotinai
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (neglect) to fail to do something; to leave something undone
  • (go wrong) to be unsuccessful
  • (disappoint) to disappoint; to prove undependable to
  • (change) to stop operating or functioning
  • (be unable) to be unable
  • (evaluate) to judge unacceptable Type of: evaluate
  • (fail, get, passing) to fail to get a passing grade
  • (fall short, what) to fall short in what is expected
  • (possession verb) to become bankrupt or insolvent; to fail financially and close
  • (run out) to prove insufficient
  • (worsen) to get worse Type of: worsen

fail sinonimai failing, for lack of, for want of, through lack of, abandon, betray, break, break down, cease, come to grief, come to nothing, come to nought, conk out, cut out, decline, defect, desert, die, disappoint, droop, fade, fail to, fall, fall flat, flunk, fold up, forsake, get stuck, give out, give way, go, go awry, go bad, go bankrupt, go bust, go wrong, jam, languish, miscarry, misfire, miss, neglect, omit, pack up, run out, seize up, stall, weaken, wrongly, be wide, bomb, breakdown, come to nothing, come unstuck, flush it, go by the board, go wide, miss, not hit, break down, come to grief, flunk, founder, miscarry, crash, fold up, go bankrupt, bust, go bust, conk, break down, conk out, cut out, pack up, stall, drop, escape, fail to, leave out, miss, neglect, omit, overleap, overlook, pretermit

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