absent lietuviškai

absent vertimas 1. a 1) nesantis, neatvykęs; 2) išsiblaškęs; to be absent nebūti, nedalyvauti; 2. v : to absent oneself pasišalinti, nebūti; to absent oneself from vengti ko

  • absent-mindedly (adv.) per išsiblaškymą
  • absent-minded (adj.) išsiblaškęs, nukreiptas, atitrauktas
  • absent-mindedness (n.) išsiblaškymas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (disappear) to go away or leave
  • (not being, specified) not being in a specified place
  • (inattentive) lost in thought; showing preoccupation
  • (non-existent) not having existence, being, or actuality

absent sinonimai abscond, absentminded, absent-minded, abstract, abstracted, depart, distracted, distrait, gone, lacking, missing, not present, null, oblivious, preoccupied, scatty, skip, thoughtless, wanting, woolgathering, remove

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