feature lietuviškai

feature vertimas 1. n 1) veido bruožai; pl išvaizda; 2) ypatybė, savybė; 3) (laikraščio)straipsnis; feature film meninis filmas; 2. v 1) vaizduoti; piešti; 2) rodyti (ekrane).

  • distinctive feature (n.) savitumas
  • feature article (n.) straipsnis
  • redeeming feature teigiama savybė
  • feature film (n.) meninis filmas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (characteristic) a prominent attribute or aspect of something
  • (general anatomy) the characteristic parts of a person's face: eyes, nose, mouth, and chin
  • (movie) the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater
  • (article) a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine
  • (linguistics) a distinctive characteristic of a linguistic unit that serves to distinguish it from other units of the same kind
  • (merchandise) an article of merchandise that is displayed or advertised more than other articles Type of: merchandise
  • (include) to have as a feature
  • (sport) to wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner

feature sinonimai article, character, characteristic, characterization, column, feature article, feature film, feature of speech, highlight, innovation, lineament, main feature, peculiarity, property, quality, specialty, story, trait, characterisation, boast, characterize, delineate, demonstrate, distinguish, exhibit, express, have, mark, parade, show, sport, characterise

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