dull lietuviškai

dull vertimas 1. a 1) bukas; 2) kvailas; 3) lėtas; tingus; 4) nuobodus; 5) apsiniaukęs; niūrus; 6) atšipęs; 7) (apie prekybą) negyva;2.v 1) atšip(in)ti; atbukti; 2) tapti nuobodžiam, išglebusiam, neryškiam

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (make dull, appearance) to make dull in appearance Type of: change
  • (become dull, lusterless) to become dull or lusterless in appearance; to lose shine or brightness Type of: change
  • (soften) to deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping
  • (de-sensitize) to make numb or insensitive
  • (make dull, blunt) to make dull or blunt
  • (pall) to become less interesting or attractive
  • (weaken) to make less lively or vigorous Type of: weaken
  • (lacking, liveliness, animation) lacking in liveliness or animation Similar to: arid, bovine, drab, heavy, humdrum, lackluster. Described by: dullness
  • (emitting, reflecting very) emitting or reflecting very little light Similar to: flat, lackluster, soft. Described by: luminosity
  • (soft) being or made softer, less loud, or clear
  • (uninteresting) so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness
  • (unsaturated) of color, very low in saturation; highly diluted Similar to: unsaturated
  • (deadened) not keenly felt Similar to: deadened
  • (stupid) slow to learn or understand, lacking intellectual acuity, or coming from a person or people with such characteristics
  • (commercial enterprise) not active or brisk
  • (not, sharp edge) not having a sharp edge or point Similar to: blunt, blunted, edgeless, unsharpened
  • (insensitive) blunted in responsiveness or sensibility Similar to: insensitive
  • (unreverberant) not clear and resonant; sounding as if striking with or against something relatively soft
  • (cloudy) darkened with overcast
  • (unanimated) not animated or enlivened
  • (colorless) lacking brightness or color

dull sinonimai apathetic, asinine, bird-brained, bleak, blunt, blunted, boring, cloud-covered, clouded, cloudy, clueless, dead-and-alive, deadening, deadly, dense, dim, dismal, drab, dreary, dulled, edgeless, empty, faded, fatuous, feeble, flat, gloomy, gray, grey, heavy, ho-hum, humdrum, inactive, inanimate, indifferent, insipid, irksome, jejune, lackluster, lacklustre, lack-lustre, leaden, lifeless, listless, mat, matt, matted, miserable, monotonous, muffled, muted, obtuse, overcast, pale, pallid, plain, prosaic, silly, slack, slow, sluggish, softened, sombre, soul-destroying, stolid, stultifying, stupid, sulky, sullen, sunless, tarnished, tedious, thick, thudding, tiresome, torpid, unexciting, uninspired, uninteresting, unsharpened, vacuous, vapid, wearisome, draggy, dumb, lusterless, lustreless, matte, silly, inanimate, uninspired, abate, become pale, benumb, bleach, blunt, damp, dampen, fade, muffle, mute, numb, pall, tone down, lose color, lose colour, blunt, blur, deaden, daze, make dizzy, mat, matt, stun

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