deadly lietuviškai

deadly vertimas 1. a 1) mirtinas; 2) šnek. nepaprastas; baisus;2. adv 1) mirtinai; 2) nepaprastai, baisiai

  • Seven deadly sins Septynios mirtinos nuodėmės
  • deadly sin (n.) mirtina nuodėmė
  • deadly nightshade (n.) šunvyšnė
  • One Deadly Summer Žudanti vasara
  • The Most Deadly Game LARP
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (deathly) causing or capable of causing death
  • (lethal) of an instrument of certain death
  • (toxic) extremely poisonous or injurious; producing venom
  • (theology) involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death
  • (noxious) exceedingly harmful
  • (disease, rapid course) of a disease, having a rapid course and violent effect Similar to: virulent
  • (lifelessly) as if dead
  • (extremely) to an extreme degree

deadly sinonimai baneful, bloodthirsty, boring, contagious, dead-and-alive, deadening, deadly dull, deathlike, deathly, destructive, drab, dreary, dull, fatal, ho-hum, implacable, irksome, jejune, killingly, last, lethal, lethally, malignant, monotonous, mortal, mortally, narcotic, nasty, noxious, pernicious, pestilent, poisonous, slow, soporiferous, soporific, soul-destroying, stultifying, tedious, tiresome, utmost, venomous, virulent, wearisome, draggy, dead, deathly, deucedly, devilishly, insanely, lifelessly, madly

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